Under normal use, the warranty for your custom made devices is:

  • Six (6) Months – Custom made orthoses molded to a client model (cast)
    (AFO’S, KAFO’S, WHO’S, etc.)
  • Two (2) Months – Paediatric Custom fitted Orthoses and Custom made Orthoses molded directly to the client (Finger Splints, etc.)

Satisfactory Fit

After final fitting of your device, unless there has been a significant change in your medical condition, physiological growth or atrophy, the warranty for satisfactory fit will be valid for a period of:

  • Three (3) months – Custom made orthoses molded to a client model (cast)
  • Thirty (30) days – Paediatric Custom-fitted Orthoses and Custom made orthoses molded directly the to client. 

During the warranty period, Custom Orthotic Design will provide any service including repairs or replacement of your Device or any components, free of charge.

When there is repeated technical failure, your Device will be replaced by Custom Orthotic Design. ADP funding is not available when your warranty is in effect.  

Charges will be levied for major adjustments or general repairs following your warranty period.

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