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Bracing for children can be complicated - Let us help you find their best.
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Family Centred Approach

At CODG we believe that parents and care givers are the experts on their children. To provide the best orthotic care for your child, we combine your expertise with your child and our expertise with bracing in order to help your child find their personal best.  A big part of what we do is listen to your needs, concerns and ideas and integrating that into a treatment plan.  

Bracing is about supporting, aligning, correcting and protecting the body but ultimately it is about helping a person participate in life, have fun and be the best that they can be – that is what we are all about!

Look at the couple of examples we have below.  Remember that each person we see is unique so not everything is listed on the website!

We have three locations to help you reduce travel time: Mississauga, Guelph and The Bracing and Orthotic Centre at The Credit Valley Hospital.

We know bracing, you know your child: Together we can do great things!

Girl walking with AFOs
Cranial remolding orthosis or baby helmet


Orthotic & Bracing Treatments

Baby helmet

Cranial remolding helmets can be used in the treatment of deformational plagiocephaly, brachycephaly and other conditions. The goal is to try to achieve a more symmetrical shape of the head at the end of treatment.

Protective helmet

Protective helmets are designed to safeguard the head against trauma from falls or bumps.  For children who have challenges with balance, cognition or seizures. 

Paediatric ankle foot orthoses (AFO or leg braces)

Ankle Foot Orthoses (AFO) are braces that are designed and used for many different reasons.  They work to help control, protect or correct the ankle and foot to help treat  anatomical differences or biomechanical/motion differences.  Examples for uses of an AFO would be for treatment of toe walking, cerebral palsy or spina bifida.

Scoliosis is a curvature of the spine that goes from side to side, sometimes an “S” shape and sometimes a “C” shape.  Our Certified Orthotists will assess and provide treatments to help correct and/or prevent further curves. 

Foot orthoses, also known as foot orthotics, inserts, or foot supports are medical devices that are used to help support, align, correct or protect the feet. There are several types designed for children based on the individual needs. 

Supramalleolar orthoses, also known as SMOs, are supports that are used to help support and correct the arches of the feet while correcting the heel alignment. They provide more support than a regular Foot Orthosis and are typically worn inside of a shoe. 

Client Feedback

Praise from our clients

"I just wanted to let you know - for the first time in months and months - I am able to go for a long, long walk - because my feet are not killing me anymore!!! I am not limping at work anymore either!!! Thanks so much - I feel great! Even walking 8 blocks back to the car after the last appointment with them in my shoes - I could have done a tap dance all the way - the change was so drastic!"

    MS. J.D.

    "The whole process was very positive, Custom Orthotic Design Group answered all of my questions and responded to my concerns in a professional pleasant manner. I highly recommend that anyone requiring any form of custom-made orthotic from a simple shoe insert to a sophisticated support such as my CROW walker consider Custom Orthotic Design Group."

      MR. M.B.

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