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Custom Orthotic Design Group Ltd. provides clinical services to assess, design, manufacture, fit and repair custom made orthoses, orthopaedic appliances and durable medical goods.

Our Certified Orthotists are specialists in the design, fabrication and fitting of orthoses (braces or splints) intended to prevent or correct deformities, protect a painful part of the body, redistribute forces evenly over a body part or to improve the function of a weakened extremity.


Orthotic Treatments

Cranial remolding orthosis or baby helmet

Cranial remolding helmets can be used in the treatment of deformational plagiocephaly, brachycephaly and other conditions. The goal is to try to achieve a more symmetrical shape of the head at the end of treatment.

Protective helmet

Protective helmets are designed to safeguard the head against trauma from falls or bumps.  For those who have challenges with balance, cognition or seizures. 

Neck braces may be designed to protect the neck by reducing or limiting motion or designed to support the head for people who may have head drop.  Various designs are created or used based on the goals of treatment.  

Thoracic Orthoses and Thoraco-lumbar orthoses can be used to support the mid and lower spine, in the treatment of back pain, kyphosis, osteoporosis and vertebral fractures.  

Lumbar orthoses support the low-back by increasing abdominal pressure and/or limiting the amount of flexion or extension (bending) of the lumbar spine. 

Scoliosis is a curvature of the spine that goes from side to side, sometimes an “S” shape and sometimes a “C” shape.  Our Certified Orthotists will assess and provide treatments to help correct and/or prevent further curves. 

Different slings or immobilizers can be used for rotator cuff tears or post-surgery, or with shoulder subluxations and dislocations.

A hinged design can be used for medial-lateral stability or to limit or increase range of motion of the elbow joint. Off-the-shelf elbow supports such as counterforce straps can be used for Tennis Elbow and Golfer’s Elbow.


These devices can be used for various pathologies, including, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Rheumatoid & Osteoarthritis of the wrist or thumb and ligament instabilities of the wrist, and thumb. 

A Hip Orthosis is used to support or protect the hip after an injury, surgery or due to weakness. 

The KAFO is used for people who need support, control or protection of the leg from the hip to the foot.  The KAFO is often used for people who have had poliomyelitis and need control for the knee and ankle joints.

Knee orthoses, or knee braces are designed based on your specific need.  A KO can be used to treat a ligament injury, osteoarthritis, instability, patellofemoral syndrome, knee weakness and for post surgery.  

An AFO is a type of brace that is used to help support, align or correct the foot and ankle.  It is often used for people who have weakness or instability around the ankle or knee that may be due to injury, stroke, MS. 

The SAFO is a design that is used for people who have a flaccid paralysis of the feet. It is made from silicone that provides good stability with a softer interface with the skin.

The CROW walker is a custom made ankle foot orthosis or brace that is made from a plaster mold of the foot and ankle. It is used to immobilize the foot and ankle for patients who have Charcot arthropathies, severe deformities or ulcers.

Sometimes we need to modify shoes to help accommodate for feet, changes in gait or leg length differences.

When someone has a foot ulcer or wound, part of best practice to help it to heal is to remove pressure.  Offloading is the term used to take the pressure off of the wound.  There are many different treatments that can be used that depend on many factors such as where the ulcer is or how deep the ulcer is. 

A medical device that is used to help support, align, correct or protect the feet.  Foot orthotics are used as treatment for many different maladies including rheumatoid arthritis, plantar fasciitis, diabetic neuropathy, patellofemoral syndrome and metatarsalgia.

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Praise from our clients

"I just wanted to let you know - for the first time in months and months - I am able to go for a long, long walk - because my feet are not killing me anymore!!! I am not limping at work anymore either!!! Thanks so much - I feel great! Even walking 8 blocks back to the car after the last appointment with them in my shoes - I could have done a tap dance all the way - the change was so drastic!"

    MS. J.D.

    "The whole process was very positive, Custom Orthotic Design Group answered all of my questions and responded to my concerns in a professional pleasant manner. I highly recommend that anyone requiring any form of custom-made orthotic from a simple shoe insert to a sophisticated support such as my CROW walker consider Custom Orthotic Design Group."

      MR. M.B.

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