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Cleaning Supplies

How to care for your orthosis

Wear & Care Instructions

Your orthotic device may come with special wearing instructions and may need special care to improve your treatment.

Client and Orthotist reading a paper

What is the warranty?


It is important to be aware of the warranty for your custom orthotic treatment.  Please refer to the handout that you receive for details about your specific orthosis.


Need Funding Assistance? 

Funding Options

Your orthotic treatment may be approved for funding assistance through the Ministry of Health.

Lace up shoes

Do you have the right shoes?

Shoe Recommendations

Shoes may be an important part of your orthotic treatment if wear custom foot orthoses or other lower leg orthoses. 

Customize your orthosis

Transfer Options

Everyone one has their own personal style.  Browse our transfer options and talk to your orthotist about your favourite colour choices. 

Have any questions?


Our staff will do our best to answer any of your questions.  You might find the answers to some of your questions here. 

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Patient/Client Services

Custom Orthotic Treatments

Clinical Care by a Certified Orthotist CO(c)

  • Orthotics Prosthetics Canada (OPC) Certified and Registered
  • 8 years of professional education
  • Over 20 years of experience

Technical expertise by Registered Orthotic Technicians RTO(c) 


With our team of clinical care 

Retail Services

Orthopaedic Shoes and Bracing

The Orthotic Centre at The Credit Valley Hospital 

  • orthopaedic and comfort shoes
  • off the shelf braces and splints
  • knee braces
  • specialty care for diabetic feet 
  • custom made foot orthoses 
  • custom made orthopaedic devices

Expert advice, expert fitting!

Professional Care

Resources for Healthcare Professionals

Interdisciplinary Team Care                 

  • professional collaboration
  • orthotic treatment plans
  • gait/biomechanical analysis
  • legal reports
  • insurance reports
  • educational in services/seminars
  • central fabrication

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