Wear & Care Instructions

Wearing your Custom orthosis

Wear & care instructions for Orthoses

DAY 1 & 2: 1-2 hours in the morning and afternoon

DAYS 3 & After: Increase by 1 -2 hours/day, as tolerated

If you have an ankle foot orthosis with a foot plate, you must always wear a shoe with the brace

unless otherwise instructed by your Orthotist.

CHECK for red marks on your skin. If red marks last > 30 min, CALL your Orthotist for an appointment.

If you have diabetes or loss of sensation and you get any red marks, call your orthotist for an appointment.


How to care for your custom orthosis

wear & care instructions for custom orthosesWASH with a damp soapy cloth

DRY with a towel

DO NOT get any metal rivets wet (they will rust)

DISINFECT the inner surface and pads with rubbing alcohol

DO NOT place near any heat source

CHECK your orthosis regularly for cracks or defects

CALL your Orthotist for an appointment if repairs are needed

DO NOT ATTEMPT HOME REPAIRS, as this will VOID your warranty

Leather-lined orthoses: Leather lining may be sprinkled lightly with baby powder
to keep it fresh. Leather may be wiped with a damp cloth. Saddle soap may be used on the leather, for a deeper cleaning.

REMINDER: This orthosis has been designed to reduce your symptoms.
Your follow-up appointment is an important part of your care to assure your comfort.

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