Knee Orthoses (AKA - Knee Braces)

Our knees are large joints that withstand a lot of force everyday.  Running, jumping, climbing and just walking can can be hard on the knees so it is important to make sure that you protect them and keep them healthy.  Proper exercise, balanced stretching and strengthening, and proper footwear can all influence your knees. 

What happens is you have knee pain? What do you do? Do you need a brace?

The first thing to do if you have a medical problem is to talk to your family doctor - get a good diagnosis and find out what it happening.  Is the pain due to an injury, overuse, disease such as arthritis or due to how you walk?  Once we know what the cause is, then it is easier to treat.  A knee brace may be appropriate for you in certain circumstances but is is not the only possible treatment for knee pain.  A good assessment and understanding of your individual needs helps your Certified Orthotist determine the best treatment for you.

Some uses for Knee Orthoses (KO):

Defiance 3`

Ligament Injury

- if the ligaments in the knee have been torn or severed, the KO can help stabilize the knee and protect the injury

- the KO may be used in combination with physiotherapy or surgery

- sometimes a ready made brace will work well and other times a custom mace brace is more appropriate

Patellofemoral Syndrome (PFS)

- pain under the knee cap can be caused by excess rubbing of the kneecap on the femur (thigh bone)

- it is more common in females

- usually a ready made specialized KO works well to help the kneecap to track properly and reduce rubbing

- sometimes foot orthoses (insoles) are required to help stop the feet and knees from turning in

MedSpec Patellofemoral KO

Custom made knee orthoses


knee orthoses are often used to help realign the knee to offload the joint and reduce aggravation of arthritis

- knee orthoses can also provide some stability and warmth to the knee to reduce symptoms

- there are ready made and custom made knee orthoses for arthritis


- after an acute injury, knee orthoses may be used to protect and stabilize the knee to allow for healing

Rehab KO