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The plantar fascia is a dense, fibrous membrane which forms a strong mechanical tie between the heel and toes. The plantar fascia maintains the arch of the foot.

Plantar Fasciitis refers to the inflammation of the plantar fascia and usually occurs due to repetitive stress. It is most commonly seen in people who are active in walking, standing and especially running. Occasionally, Plantar Fasciitis occurs in people who have had an acute injury to the area, a change in footwear, or a change in weight. The plantar fascia is sometimes pulled away from the bone and the body will deposit bone to repair the area. The bone deposit or heel spur is often seen on an x-ray and is a sign of the underlying problem.   Read about the range of treatments, or specifically about Foot Orthotics.

Plantar Fasciitis, also known as heel pain syndrome, is the inflammation of the plantar fascia. It usually starts as a dull, intermittent pain in the heel area and may progress to a sharp, constant pain. Typically, Plantar Fasciitis pain is worse in the morning or during the first few steps of an activity and may ease initially and then worsen throughout the day.

Signs and Symptoms

  • Heel pain and/or arch pain, especially when first standing after a period of rest
  • Swollen heel
  • Bony spur on x-ray

Contributing Factors

  • Overpronation or flat feet
  • Over-supination or rigid feet
  • Poor footwear
  • Tight Achilles tendon
  • Obesity or sudden weight gain
  • Overuse, prolonged standing

Treatment is based on a correct diagnosis by the physician. Read more about Treatments


Plantar Fasciitis - a pain in the foot from Custom Orthotic Design Group


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