SpineCor for Adult Scoliosis

SpineCor: First and Only Dynamic Corrective Brace for ScoliosisSpinecor

A new bracing system has been developed for the treatment for scoliosis in adults - SpineCor!

SpineCor is the first, and only true, dynamic bracing system for treating scoliosis - a medical condition, of unknown origin, that causes side-to-side curvature of the spine.

The light, soft material and body-contouring design of the system makes it a popular alternative to rigid braces - such as the Charleston brace or Boston brace.

SpineCor System Versus Traditional Brace for Scoliosis

Traditional braces are rigid and static by design, however, the SpineCor system uses a dynamic, flexible belting system that does not limit normal body movements. Since the patient is allowed, and encouraged, to do all normal daily activities the postural muscles of the abdomen and spine will not become weak.

Other benefits of wearing SpineCor for the treatment of idiopathic scoliosis include:

  • Adults with scoliosis-related back pain have used SpineCor with good results with relief of back pain
  • Cooler to wear
  • Better compliance and cosmesis
  • Excellent stability results after the brace is no longer worn
  • Positive postural changes noted in cases where there's been no change in Cobb angle

Now, after 12 years of clinical research and trials, the SpineCor System is available to patients around the world. The System was developed using a dynamic corrective brace, together with clinical assistant diagnostic software, to allow accurate fitting and treatment follow-up by Certified Orthotists.

Certified Orthotist Must Provide SpineCor Assessment and Fitting

SpineCor requires a prescription from a medical doctor, an assessment and provision of the bracing system may only be provided by a Certified Orthotist.

Only a few Certified Orthotists in Canada have taken the advanced training required to provide the SpineCor system. James Amesbury, founding partner and Certified Orthotist with Custom Orthotic Design Group Ltd. is one of those trained professionals who assess and fit patients.

SpineCor was first clinically tested at the research centre at Ste. Justine Hospital and the University of Montreal, both located in Quebec, Canada. Custom Orthotic Design Group Ltd. - trained and accredited providers of SpineCor - is proudly Canadian-owned and operated.

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