Custom Orthotic Design Group Ltd. - Services Overview

Custom Orthotic Design Group Ltd. has been established in Mississauga since 1996 bringing over sixty years of experience in patient care to the following services:

Clinical Services

Custom Orthotic Design Group Ltd. provides clinical services to assess, design, manufacture, fit and repair custom made orthoses, orthopaedic appliances and durable medical goods.   Our Certified Orthotists are specialists in the design, fabrication and fitting of orthoses (braces or splints) intended to prevent or correct deformities, protect a painful part of the body, redistribute forces evenly over a body part or to improve the function of a weakened extremity. (read more)

Retail Services

The Orthotic Centre has been established as a retail centre in The Credit Valley Hospital in Mississauga since 1998, offering orthopaedic and comfort shoes and prefabricated braces and splints. (read more)

Professional Services

Our Certified Orthotists assess and determine treatment plans for patients with regard to orthotic intervention. Recommendations are made in the form of comprehensive reports prepared for health care professionals, insurance claims and legal purposes. Our Certified Orthotists also provide educational sessions for health care professionals and the general public. (read more)

Laboratory Services

Our Registered Orthotic Technicians fabricate orthoses based on specific prescriptions by qualified health care professionals using a variety of orthopaedic grade materials based on casts, impressions and/or measurements of the patient. (read more)