About Custom Orthotic Design Group Ltd.

Who Are We?

Custom Orthotic Design Group Ltd. and The Orthotic Centre is an orthopaedic appliance company that incorporates the skills of a select group of orthotic professionals. We are dedicated to improving the quality of life for people who are challenged by a physical limitation.

What Do We Do?

We provide a wide variety of orthopaedic devices which are used to enhance an individual's physical ability to perform activities of daily living. We work with other health care professionals to produce treatments that are specific to the patient's particular rehabilitation needs.

Why Choose Us?

We guarantee that all patients will be assessed by a Canadian Board Certified Orthotist. All Certified Orthotists have completed a two year post graduate clinical education in Orthotics as well as a two year residency before they are able to write The Canadian Board Certification Examinations. Only after completing the Canadian Board Examinations are Orthotists able to use the designation C.O.(c). In addition to our clinical staff, we have the technical expertise of a Canadian Board Registered Technician in Orthotics. This is to assure the patient that they are receiving a device that has been fabricated with an exceptional level of quality.


Custom Orthotic Design Group Ltd. has been established in the Mississauga area since 1996 assessing for, designing, manufacturing, fitting and repairing custom orthopaedic devices and durable medical goods for people with muscular, neurological and orthopaedic pathologies. In 1998, after presenting a proposal to a team from The Credit Valley Hospital, we expanded our services to a permanent location within the hospital to provide orthopaedic and comfort shoes in addition to our existing services. Our retail location in the rehabilitation lobby supplies orthopaedic and comfort shoes and prefabricated braces and splints.

Where are we?

Custom Orthotic Design Group Ltd. can serve you from three locations, with clinics in Mississauga and Guelph, and The Orthotic Centre, a retail location, in Credit Valley Hospital.