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The standard definition of an "orthosis" or "orthotic" is a device that is used to "support, align, protect, correct or improve function of a body part."  Now what does that all mean?


to support something, we hold it up or maintain the position.  Orthoses are used to position or hold up many of the body parts such as the wrist, back and feet.  A wrist hand orthosis (WHO) may be used for someone who has carpal tunnel syndrome from holding the wrist in one position for prolonged periods or for someone who has paralysis of the muscles of the wrist and need help preventing the hand and fingers from dropping.  A cervical orthosis (CO) or neck brace may be used for someone who has had a neck injury or weakness in the muscles of the neck.  Foot orthoses (orthotics) may be used to support foot structures that have dropped.


to align something, we adjust it to put it into proper line.  A good example is a knee orthosis (KO) or knee brace that is used for people who have a knock-kneed or bow-legged position of the knees.  The KO can help maintain the knee in a straight position or the bones in line to improve function, prevent joint damage and/or reduce pain.


many people have diseases or deformities where the skin or joints are susceptible to injury or skin break down.  Orthoses can be used to protect the body part, joint or skin.  Foot orthoses can protect and redistribute force away from painful areas, protective helmets can be used to protect the head for people who have seizures or are at risk for falling and back braces can be used to protect the back from injury during activity.  The Charcot Restraint Orthotic Walker (CROW)is another example of an orthoses used to protect a joint from further damage for people who have diabetic neuropathy and joint destruction.


Orthoses are also used to correct gait deformities or function of a body part.  Ankle foot orthoses (AFO) are often used for people who have foot drop and help to hold the foot in a proper position to allow a safe swing of the leg without hitting the ground and a proper landing so that the foot and knee does not collapse.  The WalkAide also helps to correct the gait pattern by using a neurostimulator to cause the muscles in the leg to lift the foot and prevent foot drop and tripping.

Improve function 

many different types of orthoses can improve the function of the body.  For example, thumb supports hold the thumb in a position that is improved for holding and gripping items, and foot orthoses (orthotics) are used to allow the feet to move through the proper range to be more effective at propelling the body forward.


I just wanted to let you know - for the first time in months and months - I am able to go for a long, long walk - because my feet are not killing me anymore!!! I am not limping at work any more either!!! Thanks so much - I feel great! Even walking 8 blocks back to the car after the last appointment with them in my shoes - I could have done a tap dance all the way - the change was so drastic!
- . -
When I saw Jim, it was for two appointments for braces he put in my shoes (that he had made recommendations about). I could walk and keep shoes on all day and I was not walking off balance. He was amazing. He took time to talk to me and explain things. My husband had gone to Jim for years for foot orthotics . I would recommend Jim to anyone.
- Ms L.M. -
I am so greatful that the heel lift for my right shoe has been so helpful. I am in less pain when I walk, I can now stand straighter, on both legs at the same time when I stand still. I should have done it a lot sooner!
- Ms. D.T -
I am a person with polio in my left leg. I 've been using Custom Orthotic Design Group Ltd. for many years. Their service is great and friendly, they know what they are doing. I am really happy with their services.
- Mr. K.N. -
Custom Orthotics has always stood behind their product. They have always treated me with kindness and dignity. Whenever there is an issue, they have repaired it right away. Friendliness is their top priority. The product is 10/10. I can't say enough and I find there is never any negative comments. I have been with Custom Orthotics since 1998.
- Mr. F.H. -
The whole process was very positive, Custom Orthotic Design Group answered all of my questions and responded to my concerns in a professional pleasant manner. I highly recommend that anyone requiring any form of custom made orthotic from a simple shoe insert to a sophisticated support such as my CROW walker consider Custom Orthotic Design Group.
- Mr. MB -
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